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Letter from the author

Dear friend,

Every day, millions of people play the lottery, sweepstakes, and casino games in hopes of winning it big.   They dream of retiring early, improving their standard of living, buying a new car, house, or boat...but most of these dreams remain dreams.  With my free report on how to win big, you can increase the chances of your dreams coming true. 

The guide is yours absolutely free, you never have to pay me a single penny for it!  What's the catch?  Nothing...just make a donation of your choice to a local charity in your area after you win!

Still not convinced?  Here are a few examples of tips and hints I've included in your report:


-A simple lottery system can help you pick numbers most likely to be drawn next by excluding those drawn most often.  This will all make sense after reading the report!
-Odds of winning a 6/49 game are 1: 13,983,816, I'll show you how to play games where odds are considerably better at  1: 8,145,060 and even 1: 5,245,786.


-Large corporations award millions of dollars each year...and the best part is that you do not have to spend a penny to win.  Subscription forms can be used to enter hundreds and even thousands of sweepstakes by filling out a single form!
-Do not give fake names, postal addresses, and email addresses.  You wouldn't believe how many John Smith's living at 123 Not Telling Street have won big prizes!

Casino Games:

-When playing casino games, play only those that have less than a 3% casino advantage.  My favorite is Blackjack at the 'dealer must stand at 17' table!  But be careful, you'll need more of my strategies included in my guide to win.
-Progressive betting involves betting half of your wins from the previous round until you lose and then going back to the minimum bet.  I'll tell you how to use this to your advantage!

All the tips included work and are 100% legal!  I've won many times by using my methods and now you can to.  

What do I get by sharing my methods with you for free?  Answer: The satisfaction of making the a small difference.  In return for sharing my secrets with you, all I ask is that you make a donation of your choice to a charity in your area after you win. Request a copy of your lottery, sweepstakes, and casino secrets without delay.  There are limited copies available so get yours today.

Best regards and good luck,

Bob Roberts
Author and Multiple Jackpot Winner
P.S.  Good luck!


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